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Initiative Education Teresa and Alexandre Soares dos Santos

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The Gift of Gifted Children

When discussing education systems, the focus is usually on low-performing students. Often the reasons for a low performance are linked to the students’ disadvantaged socioeconomical or immigrant background: youngsters who struggle with their shortcomings, their motivation to learn and even to be at school. The other end of the spectrum is discussed less frequently.

Shower some love on the sentence

When students can’t understand what they’re reading, it may be because they’re unfamiliar with the complex syntax of written sentences. Teaching them how to write complex sentences about what they’re learning can help.

When language prevents kids from succeeding at math

Students who don’t read well or lack crucial vocabulary often face unnecessary obstacles—not just in reading but also in math. Why is that?

How to overcome the consequences of Covid-19?

It is still too early to measure the extent of this negative impact in increasing inequalities and more generally in worsening the living conditions of a large share of the world population. Some data from pre-COVID periods, however, can help in setting expectations.

A novice is not a little expert

There are many who still think that the intellectual development of a child (and by extension, a novice) into an adult (and by extension, into an expert) is just a matter of growth. But is it really? Do novices and experts think and learn in the same way?

Hypercorrection effect and the benefits of practice testing

Students benefit more from being corrected when they are confident they were right in the first place

Want Kids To Learn History? Ask These 4 Questions

History teachers generally get inadequate training and materials, and students often don’t learn much.

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