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Initiative Education Teresa and Alexandre Soares dos Santos

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How to overcome the consequences of Covid-19?

An unprecedent challenge that is exerting devastating consequences on social, economic and educational systems. It is still too early to measure the extent of this negative impact in increasing inequalities and more generally in worsening the living conditions of a large share of the world population. Some data from pre-COVID periods, however, can help in setting expectations.

A novice is not a little expert

There are many who still think that the intellectual development of a child (and by extension, a novice) into an adult (and by extension, into an expert) is just a matter of growth. But is it really? Do novices and experts think and learn in the same way?

Can we boost elaboration with retrieval practice?

If you want to combine elaboration and retrieval practice, don’t just have students answer elaborative questions without being able to retrieve the answers.

The advantages of explicit teaching

Research shows that school plays a critical role in the achievement of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Yet, the teacher's pedagogical choices can be decisive for their students' academic performance.

"What matters is the truth and the knowledge transfer. The more our society realizes what its problems are, the better the country will be." Alexandre Soares dos Santos


Ser Pro

Pupils throughout the country are already taking part in professional courses established as part of the Being Pro programme. From courses on (nautical) tourism to precision agriculture, several training courses are being developed to meet local and national needs, with input from both schools and businesses. 

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AaZ – Reading Better, Learning Better

The programme is already being implemented in schools in mainland Portugal and in the Azores Autonomous Region. Discover the location and number of schools and children taking part in the A to Z – Reading Better, Learning Better programme.

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