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In 2017/2018, just over one-third of the students completed secondary education in the expected three years.

In 2012, compulsory education in Portugal was extended to the 12th grade or until the age of 18. However, most Mainland students take longer than the expected three curricular years to finish this cycle, either because they change courses or because they fail one or more school subjects. In Portugal, to complete secondary education, students must pass all school subjects, which is not the case in the other study cycles.

If we take all study cycles into account, the Portuguese region with the highest success rates is the Northern region.

If we only consider general secondary education, the Central region has the highest success rates, with 40% of the students completing this study cycle within the expected three years. The highest secondary completion rates are among professional education students, especially in the Alentejo and Northern regions, with 67% of the students completing their courses within three years.

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