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You’ve just spent some time learning something challenging or studying for an exam. Now you’re done and ready to chill. But how? What’s your chill drill?

Perhaps you’ve read one of our recent blogs in which we discuss that people can’t multitask, or perhaps you’ve already had a chance to read our book, in which we discuss the same. Anyhow, while you were learning/studying you behaved yourself; you stayed focused and didn’t, for example, go online. But now you’re done and you deserve a break!

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Paul A. Kirschner, dr.h.c. is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the Open University of the Netherlands and Guest Professor at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Mechelen, Belgium. He holds an honorary doctorate at Oulu University (Finland) and is Research Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, the International Society for the Learning Sciences. and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study. He is a former member of the Dutch Educational Council.

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