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Amanda M. VanDerHeyden

Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden is a policy adviser and thought leader who actively conducts research focused on improving learning outcomes for students.

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More Useful Measurement of Mathematics Learning in K-12
Latest Science 20.12.2021 Reading time: 10 min

More Useful Measurement of Mathematics Learning in K-12

Measuring student progress in mathematics is harder than one might think. In order to make teaching act upon particular students’ difficulties, it is not sufficient to establish comparisons with a class evolution as it is not sufficient to establish simple and fixed metrics to accompany a curriculum evolution. Frequent formative assessment is key to constantly monitor, fine-tune, establish progressive and adaptive mastery measures and so help students’ understanding of math concepts and procedures. New research on measurement learning in mathematics gives hope that simple 2-minute class with well-chosen questions and practices may accelerate mastery of concepts and procedures.


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